This is the thimble style leash ring you have been waiting for! Weighing in at just 85 grams, it is lighter than other leash rings on the market; for reference a typical pair of Aluminum leash rings weighs 110 grams. Furthermore the Saturn ring boasts a 3 inch internal diameter, giving it the most clearance of any thimble style ring on the market. Passing connections has never been so seamless. 



In order to save time and cost, we outsource* our rings instead of making them in house. The prototype SATURN rings were machined completely by our engineer Caleb Beavers, but for production we have decided to let a professional high output machine shop take care of them. Outsourcing allows for a more strict manufacturing schedule and inspection, a higher level of efficiency, and allows a higher freedom of material choice. The Prototypes were made out of Aluminum 6061, but the production run will be Aluminum 7075 which has roughly twice the strength of the 6061 alloy. The rings will be anodized with a different color each batch, and we will offer custom engraving. 

*Manufacturing will be outsourced to China. We are using a US based machine quoting service that has a large network of certified international machine shops. Each machine shop is approved through a vigorous approval process to ensure quality work is done. Furthermore we request additional part inspection, and we request a material certification for each batch. Rest assured the final product will be of the highest quality at a competitive price. 

Ring Specs:

  • 85 grams

  • 3 inch (76mm) internal diameter

  • 3.8 (96mm) inch external diameter

  • Designed for Maximum leash diameter of 0.5inch (12.7mm)

  • Curved inner diameter for optimum surface contact with the webbing


These are a thimble style ring, meaning they act as a barrier between the leash and the rope. A self-tightening knot is required on these rings, and any other knot such as a figure 8 or bowline has the potential to slip off the ring and cause potentially fatal consequences. Please refer to the safety video and the included safety manual.


The first prototype SATURN was broken by Ryan Jenks over at How Not to Highline (thanks Ryan!). He will be posting a video to his youtube channel in the next few weeks, stay tuned! In the test, the rope broke at 14.5kN, at the figure 8 on the opposite end of the leash. He then pulled on the ring like a typical leash ring is loaded (on the inside), and the SATURN ring broke at 21.5kN. 

For the production SATURN rings, we test 3 rings from each batch. The data from batch one is still being compiled for publishing. We first preloaded a leash and barrel on each of them so they could then be tested in their intended configuration in a real-world scenario. SAS athlete Owen Roll personally took 100 static test whips (low line in back yard) on each ring+leash, so that the barrel knots could be tested after many cycles. In all tests, the rope broke at the figure 8, with no deformation in the ring. This result confirms that the 7075 alloy accompanied with a properly tied barrel knot is more than enough strength for your highline leash.

 Owen writes:

"The Saturn was made for one purpose, a modern ring for modern highlining needs. Walking past a split shouldn't be the hardest thing you do on a line and with my Saturn I've never had any issues with any connection type. The weight feels fantastic, it's like switching from steel to aluminum all over again. These rings also perform above and beyond all expectations for freestyle highlining as well as the rope will hit you, not a piece of metal. Bottom line, when I'm walking with my Saturn ring it seriously feels like I'm only walking with rope, it passes any split with ease and it handles better than any leash ring I've ever used."


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