Meet the Founders


Caleb Beavers - CEO

"The Engineer" - Caleb has a drive and passion for high tech slacklining. From rigging the biggest lines he can, to designing the gear to do so, he lives and breathes slacklining. With a degree in aerospace engineering from CU Boulder, Caleb is ready to revolutionize the gear world. Caleb acts not only as the CEO for Space Age Slacklines but is also the main gear designer.

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Eli Ellis - CMO

Growing up in Boulder Colorado, it is no surprise Eli was drawn to the outdoors. After years of slacklining, he found a passion for highlining. He brings a passion for teaching, spreading the sport, and live performance. Eli is the Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for the company's social media presence, promotion and advertising, and head event coordinator.

Sponsored Athletes

Owen Roll

Originally from Maryland, Owen began slacking in 2018 and a few months later was on his first highline. After that first experience he went all in on the slacklife and has committed to making himself a slacker first, everything else second. He's always down to rage while wearing tye dye and is always looking for the next challenge.